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Buy Vinyl Floor Tiles 2021

Vinyl flooring is highly durable. If installed and maintained correctly, it can last upwards of 10-20 years. That said, vinyl is a great choice for the rooms in your house that get the most foot traffic. Additionally, most vinyl flooring has a wear layer on its surface that resists scratches and stains. Some vinyl products even offer warranties of up to 15 years on the wear layer. As with any flooring, the quality of the material that you purchase will affect how long it lasts.

buy vinyl floor tiles

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Vinyl is generally soft beneath your feet. Some vinyl sheets and tiles even have a padded layer, making walking on vinyl more comfortable. Also, vinyl floors are often referred to as "resilient" floors. This means that the floors have a certain degree of elasticity when you walk across them. Luxury Vinyl Tile is also quieter, as it has sound-absorbing properties.

This is one area where vinyl tiling really shines. Maintenance tends to be a breeze. After sweeping your vinyl floor to remove dirt and grit, simply run a damp mop over it (using an approved vinyl floor cleaner) to keep your flooring looking its best. Most vinyl flooring has a "no wax" finish and will look just as shiny after mopping as the day that you bought it.

High-quality vinyl flooring is very durable. However, low-quality vinyl can be susceptible to rips and tears, and refinishing it can be a challenge. In particular, this is especially true if you are using sheet vinyl. Because vinyl flooring cannot be refinished, once damaged, it needs to be removed and replaced.

VCT floor tiles are durable, easy to maintain, and offer multiple layout pattern options. VCT tile flooring is ideal for high-traffic areas including retail, schools, and commercial spaces.

Popular in schools, grocery stores, corporate offices, Imperial Texture offers a timeless look for under $2 per square foot. This gluedown vinyl floor tile is designed for commercial use but also widely used in residential for basement game rooms, vintage garages, and old-fashioned diners and restaurants.

Vinyl Composition Tile VCT floor tiles are durable, easy to maintain, and offer multiple layout pattern options. VCT tile flooring is ideal for high-traffic areas including retail, schools, and commercial spaces.

Armstrong VCT composite tile flooring is a great option, best sellers include: Standard Excelon Imperial Texture (Color Chart) and Mutli Color collections are best in class. Commercial tile manufacturers like Armstrong are known for durable and stylish designs. The average price for 12 inch by 12 inch VCT tile ranges from $1.50-2 per square foot and $2.50-$4 for premium vinyl tiles like 12" x 24". VCT Tile Reviews

If your looking for where to buy vinyl tile you've came to the right place. When it comes to commercial grade vinyl tile flooring; Armstrong Commercial Flooring is #1. Manufactured in the United States, Armstrong commercial vinyl tile is the choice of millions of commercial spaces from schools to hospitals there probably isn't a person who hasn't set foot on one of their tiles. See what other customers are saying about buying commercial vinyl flooring from Floor City.

Here at Floor City, we often get asked what are VCT tiles? VCT stands for Vinyl Composition Tile - commonly used in high foot traffic area and light industrial or commercial spaces but also found in residential applications such as a garage, kitchen or basement. Whether you have a small office space or a large retail store we suggest Armstrong commercial vct tile flooring. Our floor tile manufacturers like Armstrong are industry leaders! What is a VCT Floor? VCT Flooring by definition is a recycled composite vinyl material that can withstand heavy static loads, easy to clean and resistant to scratching or scuffs. Grocery stores like 12" x 12" VCT floor tile for this reason as it can withstand the constant abuse of shopping carts.

Vinyl composite tiles come standard in 12" x 12" inch square tiles and each box of vinyl tile contains a total of 45 square feet per box. There are hundreds of clearance VCT Tile colors and can be installed in checkerboard, solid or custom tile patterns. The Standard Excelon Imperial Texture can also be mixed with Multi-Color or Rave. Each vinyl tile square has the same size and thickness so installing is fairly easy unless your installation calls for laying the tiles at an angle or unique pattern that requires cuts.

The price of commercial vinyl tile squares range from $0.99 per square foot for cheap VCT tile to several dollars per sq. ft. depending on the brand and the type of vinyl tile flooring. For example, premium vinyl tile or slip resistant tiles generally cost $2 - $4 per square foot. Premium or luxury vinyl tiles are often more expensive because of the way they're made and because of unique patterns. Slip resistant tiles are coated with a special top surface that prevents slippage from occurring. This is especially important in wet areas like in a grocery store where customers or employees could slip and fall. Anti static vinyl tiles known as static dissipative tiles or SDT that are commonly used in electrical sensitive areas. VCT vinyl flooring is designed to reduce any potential static that could damage the electronics. Static dissipative tile ranges in price from $5 - $6 per square foot.

The best place to buy vinyl composite tile flooring is at Floor City VCT distributors. Shop commercial flooring online 24/7 or call 800-898-9540 to order VCT tiles by phone. Whether you are looking for cheap garage flooring ideas or peel and stick vinyl floor tile, we have partnered with commercial tile distributors across the country to provide same day pickups, fast delivery and the lowest price on the Internet.

For example, Peel and Stick vinyl plank flooring is a popular flooring option among residential DIY'ers! Find a warehouse near you or get a discounted shipping quote to have tile delivered direct to the job site or your business. We match prices at Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, Ace Hardware for standard vinyl tile (must order full boxes and a minimum order of 24 cartons or 1 pallet may apply, varies by product stock availability).

Many customers ask, do I need a contractors license or special account to buy vinyl flooring from Floor City? No, in-fact you can checkout as a guest. All that we require is payment prior to materials being shipped or picked up. Although most of our wholesale pricing is listed online we do require some vinyl floors to be quoted per project. Since some companies have a national price we want to make sure you get the cheapest price possible when it comes to vinyl commercial tile. We also offer bulk discounts for commercial tiles on floors in large quantity orders. Flooring VCT is available in truckload or full palette prices which are often 10-20% less than standard costs. If a resell certificate or government ID is provided we can waive applicable taxes.

VCT Tiles being only 1/8" thick and flexible prior to being installed make for the perfect tile to create a brand logo out of vinyl tiles. Schools, sports teams and corporations have used VCT to create near exact color matches. With hundreds of colors to match almost any color theme you can easily use vinyl composition tiles to design an entrance floor logo.

If you are looking for a good type of flooring for your commercial location, then a great type to consider is vinyl composition tile (VCT) flooring. This type of flooring is made from polyvinyl chloride pieces that are created into bigger sheets through the use of heat and pressure. Here are some excellent reasons why you should choose vinyl composition tile for your commercial location.

Another reason to choose vinyl composition tile flooring, is the fact that it can be installed so easily. Most commercial locations have a concrete floor at their base. Thankfully, the vinyl composition tile can be attached directly onto the concrete using an adhesive. This saves you time and money because you don't have to worry about adding any sort of padding between the concrete and the flooring. It also simplifies the installation process, which means your labor costs will likely be much less when having it installed.

However, if your concrete has cracks in it or isn't level, you have the option of adding a cement patch to the floor. This will help to fill in all cracks and will ensure that your cement floor is level all over before the VCT flooring is installed.

Resilient vinyl tile installation requires adhesive and is recommended to be glued down on a concrete surface. If installing over existing vinyl, wood or other sub floor we recommend Ardex Feather Finish a cement patch to prep the floor, filling cracks and leveling the floor to prevent cracking or dips in the tile after being installed.

Many commercial locations have a lot of traffic each day. This includes both foot traffic, as well as traffic from machinery, rolling carts, etc. Because of this, it is very important that you choose a flooring that can withstand this traffic without becoming damaged. This is because the tiles themselves have a high resistance to abrasion, or other types of impact damage. This means that damage is minimal and replacement won't have to happen very often.

Because the vinyl composition tile flooring is made in a variety of colors and cuts, this makes it possible for you to essentially create any design that you'd like. This is important for commercial locations that would like to create a certain design or color scheme with their flooring in order to match with the overall design of their business. They also get this customization without having to pay a great deal of money, which is often seen as a big win for many business owners. 041b061a72


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