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[S2E2] The Heist

I figured Sarah was slowly gravitating back to her family on Outer Banks Season 2 Episode 1, but she was wheeling and dealing to pull off the biggest heist ever in this thrilling follow-up to the premiere.

[S2E2] The Heist

It seems as though Star Trek is always at its best when its main characters are as off guard as its audience when it comes to just what exactly is going on. Perhaps that's why the first two episodes of Star Trek: Picard Season 2 have been so very good so far. They have in fact, been quite a bit better than the series' premiere season. While Season 1 was supposed to be set up as kind of a heist show, it never really found its feet as it also had to introduce several characters the audience didn't know and never really got filled out in the case of a few of them.

Though not quite as solid as the premiere, Animal Kingdom set the stage for what might be the big heist for this season. The other interpretation is that the writers have decided to move more quickly. Hence, a big heist such as the Church might cause more action and drama for the season. This episode definitely seemed to set the stage for the future.

If Batman chooses to call Gordon, he, Montoya and a number of police officers arrive on the scene and help him out of the rubble. Gordon will also tell Batman about the heist at Gotham City Brokerage. If Batman chose to interrogate Knable in the previous episode, Gordon will apologize for his outburst on the ship and promises to support him. Depending on whether Batman chose to save Avesta or the other agents, she or Blake will arrive to talk to him. They will tell him about Waller's reaction and ask for him to work closely with the Agency. Deciding to review the crimes, Batman returns to the Batcave and informs Alfred to prepare the medical bay. 041b061a72


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