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Muscle Kink II Torrent

Abstract:Skeletal muscle is a highly responsive tissue, able to remodel its size and metabolism in response to external demand. Muscle fibers can vary from fast glycolytic to slow oxidative, and their frequency in a specific muscle is tightly regulated by fiber maturation, innervation, or external causes. Atrophic conditions, including aging, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and cancer-induced cachexia, differ in the causative factors and molecular signaling leading to muscle wasting; nevertheless, all of these conditions are characterized by metabolic remodeling, which contributes to the pathological progression of muscle atrophy. Here, we discuss how changes in muscle metabolism can be used as a therapeutic target and review the evidence in support of nutritional interventions and/or physical exercise as tools for counteracting muscle wasting in atrophic conditions.Keywords: skeletal muscle metabolism; muscle wasting; physical exercise; diet; epigenetics

Muscle Kink II Torrent

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Burners (also called stingers) are injuries to the nerve network that provides feeling and muscle control in the shoulder, arm, forearm, hand, and fingers. The medical name for burners is brachial plexus injuries. They are common sports injuries. Most go away pretty quickly.

When a strong force increases the angle between the neck and shoulders, the brachial plexus nerves might stretch or tear. The injury may also pull the nerve roots of the brachial plexus from the spinal cord. Damaged nerves conduct sensation poorly and weaken muscle movements.

On my weight-training days, I ate more food. This ensured I was getting a huge influx of nutrients on the days where my muscles could put them to use. On the days I did interval workouts or took off from the gym, I ate a little less food. This helped me to add weight without adding lots of body fat.

For this experiment, however, Dr. Berardi decided I should use a few supplements strategically to maximize the amount of muscle I could build on such a short time-frame. With only 28 days to gain 20 pounds, I had to look at every opportunity to take in more calories.

Vitamin D: Even though natural sunlight allows our body to create Vitamin D, many of us are still deficient, which can lead to loss of muscle strength and mass and low levels of immunity. I used Vitamin D3 by NOW.

BCAA capsules: Helps reduce the chance of muscle tissue breakdown while stimulating protein synthesis, leading to better recovery and preservation of lean muscle mass. I used Optimum BCAA capsules primarily on my fasting days.

Thanks a lot for this greatly detailed post! As an ectomorph, I really enjoy seeing this type of detail showing how its truly possible to gain a large amount of muscle mass over a short period of time. I really appreciate you including the diet and workout routine used. (IMO, there are way too many posts on how to lose weight out there)

Supplementing with creatine can have huge positive effects on your body (something Tim has written about in detail before), the most notable being increasing maximal force production of your muscles. (That means you can lift more weight more explosively.)

Key element missing in before & after performance comparison: speed! If GSP followed a similar regiment to put on all that muscle, would it slow down his kicks, punches, takedowns, etc.? All that extra muscle does you no good IF it slows you down, even the tiniest fraction of a second.

Remember, this is a weight gain pilot project designed for a fighter who might have to go up a weight class in a hurry and NOT a lesson on how to gain muscle and get healthy in a sustainable way over time.

Secondly, the amount of sets this fella used was WAY overkill. More sets does not necessarily = more muscle. Nor do you need any of the warm up sets. 3-5 sets per body part upper/lower is plenty if you perform them in a high intensity fashion. He performed WAY more sets than is needed. He might have gotten better results with LESS total exercise in fact.

Was wondering how would you use these tips for sustained weight loss? To apply these nutrition and exercise strategies for real-life situations for guys that want to shed a fair few pounds of fat but keep muscle?

From just the size of this post, almost 99% of the people will never even come close to doing this. You have to be a mad man to do this(ie UFC fighter). THe simple truth is that there are ways to really pack on muscle that the main stream will never know/understand/do.

Most missense collagen IV variants occur in glycine-encoding codons. The presence of a bulkier amino acid in a glycine position presumably creates a kink or an unfolding in the triple helix, as is observed in collagen α1(I) (see COL1A1/2-Related Osteogenesis Imperfecta and other genetic disorders of collagen). Abnormally folded collagen triple helices exhibit increased susceptibility to proteolytic degradation. The position of the substituted glycine, or the substituting amino acid itself, may influence protein folding and ultimately the severity of the clinical phenotype.

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Ultrasonography is a useful technique to study muscle contractions in vivo, however larger muscles like vastus lateralis may be difficult to visualise with smaller, commonly used transducers. Fascicle length is often estimated using linear trigonometry to extrapolate fascicle length to regions where the fascicle is not visible. However, this approach has not been compared to measurements made with a larger field of view for dynamic muscle contractions. Here we compared two different single-transducer extrapolation methods to measure VL muscle fascicle length to a direct measurement made using two synchronised, in-series transducers. The first method used pennation angle and muscle thickness to extrapolate fascicle length outside the image (extrapolate method). The second method determined fascicle length based on the extrapolated intercept between a fascicle and the aponeurosis (intercept method). Nine participants performed maximal effort, isometric, knee extension contractions on a dynamometer at 10 increments from 50 to 100 of knee flexion. Fascicle length and torque were simultaneously recorded for offline analysis. The dual transducer method showed similar patterns of fascicle length change (overall mean coefficient of multiple correlation was 0.76 and 0.71 compared to extrapolate and intercept methods respectively), but reached different absolute lengths during the contractions. This had the effect of producing force-length curves of the same shape, but each curve was shifted in terms of absolute length. We concluded that dual transducers are beneficial for studies that examine absolute fascicle lengths, whereas either of the single transducer methods may produce similar results for normalised length changes, and repeated measures experimental designs. Copyright 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


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